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Viral Facebook Script

This amazing viral Facebook script allows you to popup and overlay the box on any page on your website with a message asking your website visitors to share your website on Facebook by clicking the "like" button. Otherwise the site visitor will have to wait 15 seconds before they can continue on the site. You get to set the wait time when you install this script on your site.

This works the same as free file hosters etc. where you buy a premium account so that you do not have to wait to get at your content instantly - only difference in this model is that here your visitor does not actually buy anything. He is not even leaving your website, he is just clicking the "like" button to get at your premium content instantly instead of having to wait the 15 seconds to get it.

I hope that by now you get the whole concept and the possibilities of the huge blowout traffic you can bring as well as loyal returning visitors.

Facebook Fanpages are like autoresponder opt-ins, after your visitor clicks "like" you can post whatever you want on your wall and they will see it on their Facebook page the very next time they visit their Facebook account.

This is a great way to build a list of loyal followers on your Facebook Fanpage.