Multistore Prestashop Creator 2.0


This script will allow you to have your own "Volusion" or "Shopify" store with all the advantages of Prestashop!

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Now for just $15 limited time offer!

This modification will allow you to have your own "Volusion" or "Shopify" store with all the advantages of Prestashop in less than 15 minutes.

Current Version: 2.6  (May 2015)

Completely Redesigned and easier to install!


Start your own Virtual Stores Business Now!

This script creates virtual prestashop stores easily in 2 steps, checks for existing store before creating, checks username and email validation, imports settings from default store using our personalized stored procedure, lets user create his own store in minutes!

It uses native Prestashop webservices and functions, it won't break anything else in your current prestashop and includes full documentation in PDF and inside the code.

NOW compatible with the latest version of Prestashop v1.6 !!!


  • EASY to install! One click installation.
  • Existing store validation
  • Existing user validation
  • Plan chooser
  • Paypal integration
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Import default shop values
  • Built in JQuery
  • Forget about hard to read documentation!

What you get:

  • PHP Source code
  • SQL with custom stored procedure to import in PhpMyAdmin
  • PDF documentation with Step by Step guide
  • Unlimited Updates!
  • Video Tutorial



New version 2.0 Released! Upgrade for free if you purchased a previous version!


1.- What are the Pre-requisites?
Just a working prestashop 1.5.x or latest installed and MySQL admin access.

2.- Are the stores independent from each other?
Yes, users cannot see or modify other users stores. User stores will look like:,

3.- Can the Admin see the stores and products of users.
Yes, admin can see and modify any user store.

4.- Is "plan selection" page included?
Yes, it is included in the latest version and its fully integrated with Paypal.

5.- Can users have a domain name associated?
Yes, it can manually be associated by them or the admin.

6.- Will you provide support if I need it?
Yes! we can answer any question you may have in less than 24 hrs.

7.- Can you install the script for me?
Yes, we can install it for only $50 USD. (please contact us).

8.- I get "library is not compatible" error
Just change your version of prestashop on PSWebServiceLibrary.php:
const psCompatibleVersionsMax = '1.5.x.x';

If you need to know more about Prestashop, visit oficial demo site:

Creative Commons License
Multistore for Prestashop by Virtuapi is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at

'Shopify or Volusion Multistore with Prestashop' is listed at Hot Scripts in HotScripts


Steffen C 04/27/2014

nice update

Last update did great changes, its easier to install now, the online setting page and log viewer are huge improvements for any developer looking to customize this scrip, thanks!

Nimesh K 03/12/2014

Please add more features

The script works good, it took me like 15 min to install following the steps carefully, but I think it needs more features like domain registration module, or additional payment options. I know you can assign a domain to a store manually from the admin panel, but it would be nice to also register the domain using the script with a DNS company like godaddy or hostgator.

Frank H 03/07/2014

Nice work

Did the job for me, I just need to make some personal modifications but the code looks clean and easy to modify.

Kapur Z 03/02/2014

Good so far

I took me a little more time to figure out to install it, but just because I was impatient, everything is in the documentation, if you follow the steps you should be fine.

Jeff T 02/13/2014

Best solution in the market

I've been looking for something like this for days, this is by far the best approach I've found and works with the best e-commerce solution too.

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Multistore Prestashop Creator 2.0

Multistore Prestashop Creator 2.0

This script will allow you to have your own "Volusion" or "Shopify" store with all the advantages of Prestashop!

Write a review