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Get your website to a Native Android App without monthly fees or complex code.

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Exclusive script from Virtuapi (not available on any other site).

Get your website to a native Android App without monthly fees or complex code.

FULL source code in Java
Sample HTML website
Comments in source code
Multiple features for every website

As easy as change the URL in code for yours and you are ready to Publish in Google Play!

Why HTML2Android?

Yes, there are multiple websites that offer convert your web to a native android app, but all of those tie you to a monthly fee, they limit your app to a number of downloads and of you DON'T have full control of your source code.

HTML 2 Android is a full source code easy to modify by anyone with basic programming knowledge to enable or disable different features, change menus, logos and more.

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(Features are optional and can be disabled)
1.- Splash screen: Show your logo every time app launches.
2.- Instructions screen: Show a slide of images with instructions for your app.
3.- Sliding Menu: HOLO styled sliding menu, you can add or remove the items and icons in the menu.
4.- Share pages: Use share option to share current page, it can be disabled when showing not shareble pages (like a login page).
5.- File upload: Uploads files and photos from the device using any upload form.
6.- Screen Auto-resize: Adjust the website everytime you flip the device horizontally or vertically.
7.- Cookies Sync: Sessions and cookie variables supported.
8.- Compatibility: Compatible to most android phones and tablets.

Use all your current site features without limitations!

Before you BUY be sure you have the following pre-requisites:

1.- Basic java knowledge, if you are beginner read this.
2.- Android SDK and Eclipse installed.
3.- Your site must be html responsive for better results (we include a demo)

What you Get:

Full Source Code: Android project (java), full sample html5 site.
No restrictions: Sell your app without limitations
Multiple icons: Free multiple icons for your app!


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HTML to Android

HTML to Android

Get your website to a Native Android App without monthly fees or complex code.

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